Web Design

What is included in the HTML site:

Unlimited amount of up-dates and maintenance including changes to existing pages, new pages and structural changes.

  • Reliable hosting
  • Subject to a 1 year contract
  • $150.99 - $599.99 per year


Video Conversion

Why Convert?

Save and preserve your old memories that were recorded via analog and have it converted to digital.  With the state of the art hardware and equipment we can take your old analog tapes such as Hi-8 and VHS-C and convert them into DVD’s, CD and even the new popular blu-rays. VHS tapes can deteriorate after 20 years, and can also lose quality after every play back. Below is a list of all types of analog media that we can convert to digital.

  • VHS's
  • Sony 8mm
  • Betamax
  • Hi-8
  • VHS-C

Below is listed the types of digital media that we can convert your analog media to...

  • CD (vcd,mpeg,avi, or any specific format requested)
  • DVD
  • Blu-ray
  • Digital Media (USB Drives, Memory Cards)

All Video conversions to digital media start at $20* ranging to $35* depending on the type of media selected.

Video Editing and Production

Call for more details.

*Prices are subjected to change. Price does not include 6% Pa sales tax.